Never far from a cup of tea.

I’ve been drinking tea for as long as I can remember. It started with a milky brew (which I probably drank just to join in with the grown-ups) but it didn’t take long to become a fully fledged tea addict like the rest of my relatives.

Naturally, I live with a man who drinks – and, importantly makes – good tea. And it’s a good thing too; we always agree on tea, no matter what else we’re not agreeing on at the time.

My job, as a climate advocate for the environmental organisation Forest & Bird, means that I have to travel a lot, and I’m always on the lookout for a good cup of tea. Finding it in a country that seems to have become coffee-mad over the past 25 years is increasingly difficult, so I started keeping records, initially as a Facebook album, and now as a blog.

Tea On The Road is fun to write and ever better to research, and is a wonderful antidote to the serious issues I read about, write about and talk about every day ((climate change is real, and it’s going to be really bad if we don’t do something fast).

I hope readers find it useful and interesting, and will share their own tea-drinking experiences with me. Please also feel free to share with others, on Facebook and Twitter (and other platforms as I figure them out).

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– Adelia Hallett

My other work includes publishing the daily environmental news service Carbon News with my husband. I also have another blog, A User’s Guide To A Broken Leg.