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Will the tea in the cafe be better than the tea on the wards?

Sadly, I’m more familiar with the tea in this hospital than I would like to be.

And while there was a time, when I was lying broken in a hospital bed in the orthopaedic ward, that I was absurdly grateful for a cup of hospital char, let’s not pretend it’s anything other than it is – institutional tea, in an institutional cup.

Back then, I was confined to a bed and not free to sneak down to the hospital cafe where things might be better.

And how would it compare to the rather good tea we found at Auckland Hospital?

Now that I’m strictly a day visitor though, I head in there and find out.

My marks out of 10:

delimarche teabag
English breakfast for me, a flat white for him.

Cup 5: Fairway fine china. Large but not too heavy.

delimarche cake
Tea and cake.

Tea 5: Sir Thomas Lipton English breakfast teabag. Served with the bag sitting in the cup and a separate pot of water. Which means the water isn’t piping hot when it hits the tea. Sigh. Still, not a bad taste. A bit flat, but better than you get on the wards. Taken with a slab of sultana cake.

Setting: Sunny and warm after sitting in the chilly radiology department for a while. A bit on the noisy side.

Dog-friendly? Dogs in hospitals are becoming a thing. Sadly, not in this one though. Am pretty sure that having a waggling Cody (Jess’ predecessor) visit me would have aided my recovery.

delimarche entrance
Welcome to Whangarei Base Hospital

Open after 3pm? Yes – but at 3.15pm half the cafe is closed, with the chairs up on the tables.

delimarche closed
Open after 3pm – sort of.

Delimarche, Whangarei Base Hospital, Maunu Rd, Whangarei.

2 thoughts on “Delimarche, Whangarei Base Hospital

  1. That certainly is a striking entranceway! It makes a change from the dour hospital doors most of us are used to. The café does look nice… apart from the upended chairs, I guess.

  2. There’s nothing worse then being ripped off . On the 12th Dec, After visiting our friend in hospital, My friend and I went for lunch in the Eurest Delmarche Cafe.We were tired and overwhelmed after seeing our friend. We were looking forward to having lunch. I paid for my lunch and my friend paid for hers. Today 18th Dec I checked my bank statement, only to find that I had been charged $29.44c for a beef and beetroot sandwich and Chai Lattee. I thought I must have paid for my friends lunch (which I wouldnt have minded doing). I called my friend to confirm , but she stated that she had paid for her own, but wandered if she heard right THAT I WOULD PAY. when talking to the lass behind the counter. But she wasnt sure whether she heard right and was too whakama. When the young person behind the counter, confronted her with the cost of her lunch. So my friend paid again. Now Im not sure if others have experienced this, but the last thing you want to deal with after seeing your friends , or even family sick and dying in a hospital bed. We just wanted to replenish and renourish our brains, so we can think about what next.The lass behind the counter was only interested in getting the next order, not even realising that we had already paid. Secondly there is a contact Ph Number but very difficult to get hold of them. How many elderly people go through this facility, they cant hear, cant focus properly.

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