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Summer dresses galore at Cafe Vessel.

A rock legend, summer frocks and good tea – what else could a girl want?

Tom Petty has been dead just two short months when I hear him playing at Cafe Vessel in Wellington.

I’m still in mourning, and listening to Refugee while waiting for tea and a breakfast smoothie is bitter-sweet.

Vessel is yet another one of those cafes I’ve been to before but haven’t had the you-know-whats to try the tea. But now that I’m a tea reviewer, it’s time to dig deep and do it.

My marks out of 10:

vessel cup
A good breakfast, but the environment and I could have done without two plastic straws.

Cup 3: Acme. Not a bad shape, but heavy heavy heavy.

vessel teamaking
T Leaf T on display, but as usual, it’s the spitting and hissing coffee machine that’s in pride of place.

Tea 7: T Leaf T loose-leaf English breakfastIt’s a good strong cup of morning cha, but there’s no hot water for a second cup. The making man tells me they’ve always stocked T Leaf T. “The factory’s in Petone , so they can resupply quickly.”

vessel sign with building
One-stop cafe, bar and gaming lounge in downtown Wellington.

Setting 6: It’s always pretty cheerful in Vessel, and on this summer’s day Wellington women have got their summer dresses on. Vessel is handy to the railway station and right next door to the Hotel Waterloo, in all it’s faded art deco glory. Having a gaming lounge in the back is an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your leanings.

vessel railway
View of Wellington Railway Station from my breakfast table. This morning’s meeting is in the tall building on the left.

Dog-friendly? Unknown.

Open after 3pm? (A new category because of my frustration with all the cafes that close BEFORE afternoon tea-time). Yes.

Cafe Vessel, 1 Bunny St, Pipitea, Wellington


2 thoughts on “Cafe Vessel, Pipitea, Wellington

  1. Wow thank you so much for your review Adelia. We are always happy to accommodate to all people from our loyal every day customers, to all our visitors from out of town.

    We try hard to keep everyone happy and fueled and continue to learn and grow through our customers. We are glad that you like the T Leaf T.
    They have a great selection of tea and you can order online at and they also have a retail store at 1-5 Manners Street, Wellington.

    Enjoy your travels Adelia and I am looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

    Cleona Hughes
    Vessel Café & Bar

    1. My pleasure Cleona. Credit where credit’s due, as far as tea’s concerned. You might have seen that Stuff recently did a story on my tea-reviewing exploits. So many cafes put a lot of effort into coffee but give tea-drinkers hardly any thought at all. I will certainly be back!

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