Best Ugly – a welcome sight for harried travellers

Can the tea live up to the bagels’ high standard?

“White rabbit, EBT with splash,” sings the chap behind the counter. “White rabbit, EBT with splash,” the crew chorases back.

A white rabbit is a toasted bagel with cream cheese, tomato, basil, olive oil and black pepper, and I’ve been obsessed with them for months.

My usual MO at Wellington airport is to skip between Best Ugly Bagels (a chain founded by chef Al Brown, of Logan Brown fame) and Freshbites, where I know that by airport standards, they make a half-decent cup of tea AND serve it in a cup.


White rabbit and EBT with a splash, bag in.

But it’s time to put Best Ugly through its paces, so, taking a deep breath, I order a cup of English breakfast.

The serving chap asks if I want milk (yes, the “splash”) or sugar (no).

“And would you like the bag left in?”

Suppressing a shudder, I tell him I want it strong, and it’s up to him how he achieves it.

My marks out of 10?

Cup 1: Paper. Serving chap comes over to ask how I’m enjoying my lunch, and we talk tea for a bit. They have to use paper cups, he says, because they don’t have a dishwasher. “We’re really a to-go kind of place.”

Tea 6: T2 English breakfast bag. I’ve reviewed one of their cups, but they make a reasonable blend of tea as well. The bag is left in.

Setting 5: 20171128_143627-e1511892773819.jpgIt’s an airport, and some days there are just too many darned people clustered around Best Ugly. But today there are just two of us sitting up at the bar, and the chirpy staff singing every order in unison never fails to bring smiles to the faces of otherwise harried travellers.

Dog-friendly? Probably only for guide dogs and customs dogs.

Best Ugly Bagels, Wellington Airport.


3 thoughts on “Best Ugly Bagels, Wellington airport 

  1. Bagel was nice, but while having sat for half hour having my lunch, was surprised by lack of hand hygene, after handling filling, from cold partly cooked bacon to capers, bagels,basil, onions, salmon, everything possible to make the bagel then wiping cl hands on the same tea towel, and wiping prep bench down with same tea towel. Then during a break in customers hands on head and in hair… then more customers and back round to making bagels fillings etc… no hand washing, not even sterilizing gel or hand wipes….then on break.. texting on cell phone and back in action…no hand washing again. Was put of by lack of hand cleaning.. or actually none!.

    1. I was in BUB there a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to me there was a new crew there. Food was all right. Coffee was great.

      I shall be going there again soon so I’ll keep an eye on what their hands are doing when not preparing bagels.

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