A silver pot and a jug of hot water.

Freckles Cafe in Westport might look low-key, but yesterday’s filled roll was so good that I had another for breakfast today.

But would the tea live up to the same high standard?

My marks out of 10?

CUP 1.5: Same-old same-old, tea served in a coffee cup. And this time it’s a huge one. The tea at the bottom was definitely luke-warm.

TEA 7: Twining’s English breakfast. Made in a lovely silver pot reminiscent of the ones freckles-sign.jpgAir New Zealand stewards and stewardess used to use. The tea itself is good, if unassuming.

SETTING 6: I’ve already described it as low-key, and that might be a little unfair. It’s clean, a little quirky, and there’s a bit of a garden out the back.

Freckles Cafe, 216 Palmerston St, Westport.

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