Good gumboot tea.

Lunch-time finds us in Greymouth, getting ready to meet another reporter. “To DP1 Cafe,” said my travelling companion Jen Miller, who has supped in this town before.

It is a good recommendation. DP1 is down near the port, and is doing a steady trade when we roll in.

My marks out of 10?

CUP 1: We’re going backwards here; not only is this a coffee cup and huge, but it has one of those handles you can’t get your finger into.

TEA 7: English breakfast, unknown brand (I did ask). Made in a pot. A good, dp1 signsolid gumboot tea which perfectly complemented the delicious ginger crunch. The collectors’ teaspoon featuring Hawera was a nice touch.

SETTING 6: Nice cafe, lots of room. We have got a table in the sun, but possibly a little chilly further back. Looks like it might be open at night too, and that it might serve alcoholic beverages.

DPI Cafe, 104 Mawhera Quay, Greymouth.

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