Delicious tea, let down by the cup.

It had been a long time between drinks, and I was more than ready for a good cup when we got to Fools of Desire (known as F.O.D) Cafe for an early lunch today.

My marks out of 10?

CUP 2.5: Sadly, another otherwise excellent cafe with great tea, let down by confusing coffee cups with teacups. On the plus side, the cups were warmed (hence the .5) and the waitress listened politely as my sister and I raved on about the difference between teacups and coffee cups.

TEA 9:  Loose-leaf Kerikeri  Tea’s organic Bay of Islands Breakfast for me, a blend of English breakfast and Earl Grey for Deirdre. Absolutely delicious, and made properly in the pots. Would have been a 10 if the flavour had been enhanced by fine-bone cups (I’m labouring the point, but it seems I have to).

SETTING 7.5: The cafe’s a bit noisy (and piped TV themes  in the toilet is, frankly, weird) but we found a quietish nook cut into the wall and enjoyed ourselves.

Fools Of Desire Cafe, Conway Lane, 176 High St, Rangiora.

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