Tea for two at Christchurch airport.

Another day, another airport

Guest photographer today is my sister Deirdre, another tea aficionado who is also helping me score. Coming to the conclusion that I shouldn’t drink tea in airports. Or aeroplanes.

My marks out of 10?

CUP 1: Where do we start? At first I was given a coffee cup. It was replaced with a tea cup, but it’s chipped, and Deirdre’s cup is dirty. And that’s before we start on the aesthetics.

TEA 3: Dilmah. The bags were given separately, which means they haven’t brewed properly in the pot, and as a result the tea is weak and cold. The man behind the counter was startled when we asked for separate milk jugs (I wanted fullcream, Deirdre wanted trim), but he recovered quickly.

SETTING 6: Good for an airport cafe. Nice and quiet. 

Number Eight, Christchurch Airport.

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